Aerial photography is taken from an airborne vehicle (helicopter, balloon, satellite or drone) in an elevated/direct-down position. Green Drone aerial photography offers improved vantage points for showcasing luxury properties, inspecting green energy systems and mapping farmland.

In the past, cost restricted market growth for previous methods of aerial photography and aerial video. Helicopters were the most common options used. The fuel cost associated with such an endeavor is hardly justified. The pilots usually require additional training which leads to higher per hour rates. Surveying and inspecting wind turbines or solar cells is tedious and susceptible to miscalculated when human assets are responsible for reporting the finds.

Helicopter PicWith the ability to offer the same quality and results of expensive aerial photography from a helicopter at a fraction of the cost, the drone industry is growing rapidly. The FAA is creating regulations for commercial drone use, in turn, making room for aerial videography companies to flourish. The advantages to aerial photography outweigh those of ground based systems.

Here are a few advantages to aerial photography compared to ground based systems.

  1. Improved vantage point.
  2. Capability to take a real-time “snapshot” of local terrains.
  3. Provides a permanent recording and a historic record of changes.
  4. Broader spectral sensitivity than the human eye and much broader field of view.
  5. Allows some level of interpretation of structural geology, vegetation types and amount of cover.
  6. Shows surrounding businesses for real estate presentations.
  7. Can be used to gauge accurate headcounts at festivals and concerts.
  8. Provides an extra layer of security for high profile clients.
  9. Captures the subject from a 360° angle.


Aerial drone video and photography are reliable and safe options. Our drone pilots are specifically trained to accommodate unique client request while adapting to any environmental change. Whereas the majority of drones are designed with little tolerance to water exposure, our Green Drones are equipped to film under a multitude of weather conditions. This fact makes them reliable and adept at overcoming adversity. Feel free to contact us to inquire whether drone aerial media is for you.