Brands must be profitable to keep business maintainable. That’s not to say that the production, sale, and distribution of said services or products the brand offers are easily adapted to sustainability. It is unrealistic and impractical for consumers to expect companies to offer low prices when by nature there is an inherently a high cost for doing business.

But what is possible is building sustainable companies from the start or slowly transitioning the larger companies into more sustainable producers. If the process happens in phases then the financial weight is evenly circulated through the company’s core foundation.

A good example is advertising. Advertising is a brand’s largest cost next to labor and in some cases production cost. The old saying “nothing except the mint can make money without advertising” is true. Businesses that want to grow and survive have to market and advertise themselves well.

However, the cost associated with advertising is extensive and sometimes the efforts unreliable. For instances below is the national average advertising spend for the most common mediums.

Green Smart Advertising Info1Green Smart Advertising Infograph2

What is Outbound Advertising?

Outbound advertising covers a widespread audience with the hope that a few consumers from the loosely targeted crowd are converted into customers. Broadcast, billboards, print advertising, telemarketing and direct mail are all examples of traditional outbound advertising that businesses impose on consumers without regard for the consumer’s consent.

What are the challenges with outbound advertising?

1. Choosing the right audience for your brand’s message. When casting a wide net into a deep-sea of potential customers knowing where to pitch the net is the difference between eating and starving to death. A little dramatic yes, but for a small business trying to survive, it is the reality.

2. Measuring the effectiveness of the advertising mediums deployed. Spending thousands on an ad campaign without measurable results is self-destructive and too risking in today’s competitive markets. It’s all about the data who has it and what they’re doing with it. So use it!

3. Finding and implementing sustainable advertising mediums that don’t harm the environment in their production and distribution. Print advertising destroys rainforest and landfills more than natural disasters do each year. How a brand chooses to advertise denotes its commitment to the well-being of the global community.

Three simple concepts to help you assess your advertising effectiveness.

Reach – The main goal of any advertising campaign is to reach the right audience. It’s imperative to have real systems in place to understand if the advertising campaigns are hitting their intended targets, particularly in the digital platforms.

Resonance – Now that the ad reached the right audience, the next goal of advertising is to get noticed. Breaking through is the most important job of advertising because if it doesn’t happen, nothing else matters anyway. But beyond discovery, advertising must communicate your brand’s message and change how the potential consumer feels emotionally about it. Brands can use insights to improve performance in the market instead of waiting until the next cycle. Optimizing programming, placement, and cross-platform exposure are all opportunities in the new world of optimization.

Reaction – Advertising was created to drive behavioral change. Usually, this means increasing sales, but it can also mean persuading consumers to search for your brand online, search out your social media accounts, like a fan page or talk positively about your brand in the review sections. Measuring reaction is key to understanding if your advertising campaign causes behavior reactions that result in a positive return on your investment.

How does smart technology enable advertisers to control on three concepts? Well, if you can measure every interaction, track the entire online experience and then provide the right promotion at the right time, you will succeed where others failed. Below are a few examples of the available possibilities.

Smart Green Advertising is Sustainable, Measurable and Accurate:

Projection Mapping Drones with Geotargeting Capabilities Set Loose Worldwide!


Projection Mapping: also known as video mapping or spatial augmented reality, is a projection technology used to light up objects and turn them into display surfaces for three-dimensional video projection. These backgrounds can be complex industrial landscapes, such as buildings, small indoor objects or outdoor trees and natural areas.

Geotargeting: identifying a person’s current, physical location by obtaining GPS or Bluetooth data from their smartphones, smart watches or any other smart devices. By adding the current geographic location of the camera or smartphone to an image or message, or adding the static geographic location to a street address. The location data is relayed in real-time between the UAS and targeted audience. Creating hyperlocal advertising environment with measurable impressions.

Here is a little more information about Smart Green Advertising and Projection Mapping Drones. Creative Director and Founder James Ashley speaks with Randy Goers of the Drone Radio Show out of Florida.


A Few More Examples of our Smart Green Advertising

Smart Moss Graffiti: we use living moss to write your brand’s message in outdoor public spaces and partner locations. Moss graffiti is harmoniously blended onto any wall or surface and then grows into the position. It requires little to no maintenance after the initial installation. Teams of artists use Green Drone’s latest high-tech media applications to apply and within hours your living and breathing brand creative emerge. Interactive and engaging technology is embedded in the organic message.

Smart Reverse Graffiti: also known as clean tagging, green graffiti or clean advertising, is a method of creating temporary or semi-permanent images on most streets, walls, bridges and sidewalks by removing the dirt or dust from the surface. What makes our stencils “Smart” is the technology we set-up within the designated area. As potential customers walk past or over your brand’s stenciled message they receive alerts via their devices. We beam and transmit the appropriate information in accordance to the campaign.

Smart Chalk Graffiti is a form of guerrilla advertising that puts an advertising message right at the feet of the consumer. Usually, around a size of 4′ x 4′, chalk stencils can last in good condition for up two weeks. As an eco-friendly form of guerilla out-of-home advertising, chalk graffiti puts your message in strategic places where traditional outdoor advertising is not allowed or does not exist. Then we make it “Smart” with a wide range of interactive options. Like 3D graphics that require an online app to view, along with the same beaming capabilities.

Smart Green Posters: combine the visual impact of a sustainable poster with the heightened interactivity offered by NFC (near field communication). Consumers with an NFC-enabled mobile phone can simply tap to receive interactive content, download vouchers, and promotions or engage via social media. At the heart of each smart poster is an NFC tag, a small unpowered electronic device that holds a small amount of data such a web link, text or command. When an NFC-enabled phone is placed in close proximity, typically a few centimeters, it powers the NFC tag and reads the information stored on it.

When deciding which mediums to choose it helps to know how much you need to spend to reach your desired goals. Below is an advertising ROI calculator you can use to decide what is needed. Feel free to fill it out and hit send. A Green Drone representative will follow-up with you to discuss the available options. As always you can contact us here for any other questions!

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